17 Years ago saw the birth of our kennel “Of Sunniness” in St Martens-Bodegem on a very small scale in our house in the Korenbloemlaan and it was there that our first Golden Retrievers were born and bread.

Just like anybody starting a new project we had to learn with ups and downs what the breeding and training of dogs entailed.

Shortly after the arrival of our first Flatcoat Retriever it became apparent that we needed more space and thus started the search for a new home. After a very long search we found an old farm which we bought and restored which in turn meant we could keep more dogs.

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Through-out the years we found that members of our families and friends were asking us to look after their dogs while they were on holidays so to cover their needs we set up a dog hotel in 1994. Set in restful rural area of Pajottenland “Of Sunniness” fulfilled a long held dream of ours.

The buildings on our domain which date from 1900 have been completely restored this coupled with an area of 1 ha of grounds allow the dogs to enjoy both the exclusive living quarters and play area.

In addition we specialize in the trimming and grooming of Golden and Flatcoat Retrievers and also we sell Delcon dog food to breeders you can always contact us for the most advantageous prices.
We are also involved in hunting and we attend dog show and hunting parties form one of our main winter activities so you can come across us any of these events.

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